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Lee is a professional jazz pianist and composer who lives in Arlington, Texas. Lee began studying music at the age of 5 and quickly gained recognition as a gifted young musician. Winning several composition competitions in elementary school, he went on to become an all-state band musician in high school (trombone and euphonium) and completed his music degree at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1994.

Lee’s first solo piano CD, “elegance”, was released in 2004 and has since sold 1000 copies and has been downloaded thousands of times from iTunes, Amazon, and other digital media outlets. “Going Home” was released in 2007 and has sold over 700 copies and has also enjoyed great download success. Lee’s CD “Reflections” was released in 2012 and has sold over 500 copies and has been very popular on Pandora and Spotify as well. Lee's latest release, "The Lighter Side" just became public in April 2024 and is also currently on all digital streaming platforms.

Lee performs regularly at Inspirations Fork and Table in Arlington as well as The Vault Seafood and Steakhouse in Mansfield (see the schedule on the home page for dates and times).

Lee teamed up with vocalist Mike Bowen in 2022 to form the Harbaugh and Bowen piano/vocal jazz ensemble. In early 2022, a mutual friend introduced Mike and Lee, and they immediately discovered a great chemistry between them. You can follow Harbaugh and Bowen by visiting You can also listen to their recordings by visiting their YouTube playlist.

Lee is also currently working to release his first book: Capital Shift - A Capital Juror's Journey from Death Penalty Supporter to Life Advocate. This book is a reflection of the process Lee went through during and after serving as the foreman of a jury that sent a man to death row in Texas in 2012. Following the trial, Lee's thoughts and feelings shifted on capital punishment, and he eventually reached a point where he no longer favored the death penalty ever.

Lee is also a REALTOR® with Davey Goosmann Realty in Mansfield, TX. He is a member of the National Association of Realtors and has had his real estate agent license since 2018. For more information about real estate, please see Lee's REALTOR® page at

Lee performing with jazz trio Backyard JazzLee recording in the studio