I have been working for a couple of years to define my life mission. While I’ve probably known the gist of my mission for many years, it has only been recently that I have attempted to put it in written form and truly get specific about it. Perhaps many of you have defined your mission as well. If so, I am certain you understand the work-in-progress that it is. If you have never taken the time to define and write down your life purpose, I encourage you to do so! I believe you will find it very gratifying and perhaps even life-changing. Just be patient with the process!

There is something about defining my life’s chief purpose that has given me a great sense of calm and clarity about who I am. Not that life is without struggle; I just know that at the heart of everything, my mission drives everything I do. I am coming to realize with a great sense of peace that I really can’t screw it up. My mission was given to me and to me alone. I have the resources I need to accomplish my mission. I know I will always have the skills, talents, physical resources, etc. necessary for me to walk out my mission. With that said, this is my life purpose/mission:

My mission is to materialize, reify, codify, and channel my music, which is embedded in the fabric of the universe, in order to connect life in a deeper way to the Divine.

I expect that this statement will continue to evolve as I continue to evolve. If you would have told me just a few years ago that this was my life purpose, I would have scoffed and said it is way too esoteric. Yet, here I am today declaring this my mission after many hours of reflection and advice-seeking.

What is your life purpose???

A very special thanks to Lori Williams and the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce for encouraging and supporting so many in their quest to find their missions!

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